Ceelin Plus : Proteksyong Plus! From UNILAB

The Downside Of Progress

The alarming change in weather and our environment these days is a big red flag. The erratic weather, pollution from vehicles, and dust and dirt when added together makes up for a lethal combination that usually results to viral diseases.

This makes our children prone to diseases that can be picked up when you are in crowded places even in school.

As a Mom, a paranoid Mom at that, I vowed to protect my son in any way I can. His safety and immunity from these diseases is a priority for me. 

Mommy Measures

If only I could keep him inside the room all day, I would But of course, I don't want to deprive him of the joys of child's play outdoors. 

Sometimes, my fear as a Mom overcomes sense and reason that I oftentimes find myself thinking about scenarios that make me selfishly act without thought of how his childhood will be affected.

To make sure he is protected, I make sure I feed him with fruits rich in Vitamin C and that he drinks his milk regularly. I change his clothes frequently especially when he goes outside to make sure that germs don't attach itself to his clothing. For added measure, I don't allow him to play with kids who have cough and colds just to be sure he won't be infected. Who can blame me? I'm an overprotective mom!

The problem is, even if I go follow these protective steps for him to a T, he still gets sick. My boy is prone to viral diseases which sometimes result to frequent trips to the emergency room. 

At the end of day, when I look at things, I feel like these precautions aren't enough to keep him safe. Aside from depriving him of the joys of playing with other kids his age, I realized he also needs protection stronger than what I provide him with. 

Judy Ann Santos with son Lucho. The shield
represents the Ceelin Helmet that represents Vit. C
and the Z represents Zinc.
Added Protection

These changing times call for superior protection. There's only one name that comes to mind when we talk about protection for our kids - CEELIN PLUS

Ceelin Plus contains double protection of Vitamin C plus Zinc. These vitamins have been found to reduce the severity and shorten bouts of sickness.

Vitamin C is known to protect us against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases while Zinc helps the immune and digestive system to function properly, it reduces stress levels and increases healing of wounds.

Imagine the benefits our kids can get if we provide them with CEELIN PLUS every single day!

Protected Child Equals Happy Moms

Me and my Ceelin Plus protected little
boy Choichoi!
Nothing will ever bring a Mom more joy than seeing her child happy and healthy. Thanks to UNILAB for making CEELIN PLUS - the perfect protection for our most prized possession - our children!

 CEELIN PLUS  lives up to its famous line -

"Ang batang naka- Ceelin Plus - may proteksyong plus! Para ang sakit hindi tumalab, hindi lumala, hindi tumagal"

To know more about UNILAB's CEELIN PLUS PROTECTION, watch this:

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