Of Faded Pictures, Lasting Memories And The Fountain Of Youth

It is a cold, rainy Saturday evening, I figured it was the perfect time for me to rummage through my box of memories and look at the many series in my life. From my childhood, adolescence and adulthood, I looked at every documented memory with a virtual slideshow in my head. As I looked at one picture to another, I noticed that there were two constant people who remained at my side all throughout the roller coaster that is called my life. So this post, is a tribute to my hero and heroine - my Tatay and Nanay.

I remember when I was little, how I used to wait for you guys to come home, I would sit with my sisters and brother by the gate cause I was so sure that there's a pasalubong for us - I clearly remember, the infamous miki-bihon pancit and the chocolates or whatever you could grab on the way home. We were never disappointed, as you never failed to bring us what seemed to be a small thing for others but became a sort of security blanket for me - whatever you gave us, to me, it was an indication that you will always come home. 

Fast forward to when we all were already students, Tatay never failed to drop us off or pick us up from school- never missing a day. That clinking sound of your keys outside my classroom - excited me as I knew, Tatay's here! My high school years were spent by me following both of you around like a puppy dog so I won't be left behind when you decide to go to the mall. Golly, I slept beside you two and I was already a teenager then!

The little trips to the market, celebratory dinners after every big or small achievements, the parent-teachers meeting, every small cuts and bruise that you both kissed away even your way to discipline us - all are very significant memories to me.

Both of you were 100% behind me when I decided to run for public office, you were there cheering me on, making me believe in myself, cried through every defeat and laughed with me through every victory. You both made me realize my dream to change the world, in my own little way - one day at a time. 

I can only imagine how brokenhearted you both must have been when I told you I was pregnant. But you both faced the repercussions of being unmarried and with child towards a public figure (that I am sort of in our community) with me when all the rumors, speculations and bashing almost brought me down to my knees. When Choi was born, I saw the happiness in you guys and up to now, you both spoil the little rascal to no end. 

Just like any other families out there, we've had our fair share of ups and downs - arguments, dramas and all the events in a girls life that clearly defines the importance of having both your parents guiding you through your every step. The roar of thunder jolted me back to the present and I realized, that though pictures fade, the memories that come back to mind lingers longer. I felt really old all of a sudden but I knew deep in my heart that I am going to be a kid forever. 

Don't we all wish, "our parents live forever?" I know, I know! Kids these days say #WalangForever - but then again, I discovered there is a fountain of youth that our parents, even us can drink to keep us feeling and looking healthy and fresh! Ever heard of Premium HYC 150?

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I am glad for cameras for that captures memories we never want to forget. But I am more grateful to God for blessing me with loving parents that raised me up to be who I am now. I now try to spend as much time with them as possible, creating more meaningful and lasting memories. Yes, pictures fade but the memories last forever and of course, there is Premium HYC 150 to keep them nourished and healthy!

Rolled Into One Mom

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