Maki Sushi Delivery : Your Japanese Food Craving Solved!

If you happen to be a fan of Japanese food particularly maki and sushi, then I have an awesome solution to your cravings. There's an awesome Japanese food delivery service that you can call to deliver to you fresh and homemade maki and sushi of all kinds. Introducing, Mishi Maki Sushi Express. 

We stumbled upon Maki Sushi Express when my friends and I were looking for the perfect lunch one afternoon. We all agreed that day that we were craving for kani sushi and california maki so we all went online and alas, we saw this particular Facebook page that had all the Japanese goodies that we so crave for! From then on, I have decided that Maki Sushi Express will be on my speed dial and my bookmarked pages. The next time we ordered was during our New Year's Eve feast. I call myself a true blue suki now!

So recently, we surprised our Mom with a surprise get-together to celebrate her 60th birthday. Her passage to the senior citizen's club. Haha. Anyway, my Mom and Dad loves Japanese food, maybe that's where I got my penchant for the food too. And guess what food we didn't miss to put on the list of food to prepare? maki and sushi of course! 

Before I go ahead with sharing our foodie experience, let me give you an overview of what's on the menu of Mishi Maki Sushi Express and how much it will cost you to order. They practically have everything your heart desires:

You need to give them at least 3 hours lead time for orders less than 80 pieces and 24 hours for more. You want to know why? Because everything is made fresh for you! What I like about them is that they also tell the truth, they will give you advice that the food needs to be consumed within 24 hours to prevent spoiling and poisoning. 

Going back to my Mom's party, all the guests who eat sushi had good things to say about the centerpiece. We ordered the 200 pcs assorted maki and sushi. And yes, it made for a good centerpiece. I also loved how they personally and promptly answer queries even if it was already 1AM. They will also give you suggestions on what to order depending on the need and number of guests at the party. 

Nice to look at but even better to taste!

The 200 pcs platter had California Maki, Kani Maki and  Kani Sushi - talk about a feast! I ate to my heart's content! They give generous amounts of wasabi, kikoman soy sauce and the rolls are full and the ingredients are fresh, you can't help but love it.

Now here's how you can order:

Needless to say, the guests had a blasts at the party, no only because we served them staple Filipino classic "handaan" food but also because they enjoyed looking and tasting the sushi platter we ordered from Mishi Maki Sushi Express. 

For those of you who prefer to pick up your order, their pick up zones are at: Buendia, SM Hypermarket Makati Dela Rosa near Cash and Carry with no charge and no minimum. You can order even up to 10 pcs only! Awesome, right?

When you need sushi and maki fix for you, your friends or even for your parties: give Mishi Maki Sushi Express.  a call. They deliver it fresh just for you!


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  1. Nice! I love sushi and yes we also get it delivered sa bahay. :)

  2. Wow! Will try this in the future bigla ako nagcrave ng maki! Haha :)

  3. Wow! me and my dad love sushi and maki! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing! I am not a fan of sushi but my partner is. There was a maki cart near our office pero nag close na sila di ko man lang naalala kung anong pangalan hahaha! Thanks for sharing. At least we have an option where to get it na. =)

  5. I don't really like sushi, I don't know why. What I can remember kasi was the first time I tried it na muntik akong masuka sa lasa nung black wrapper, I don't know what it's called. Simula nun, di na talaga ako nag try! haha!

  6. I love sushi! I miss Japanese food.


  7. Nice! And Happy birthday to your mom! :)

  8. I'll take not of this Maki Delivery Service for when the craving kicks in.

  9. I love sushi too! Good thing I just had a sushi lunch last week or I'll be literally drooling now :)

  10. Amazing! I am not a fan of sushi but my partner is. There was a maki cart near our office pero nag close na sila di ko man lang naalala kung anong pangalan hahaha! Thanks for sharing. At least we have an option where to get it na. =)
    Anna -