Makeup Artist’s Trade Secret: Having Good Mentors

It is through the best mentors that you benefit the most from without having to suffer the consequences of firsthand experience. The best allow you to grow by sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you. In this way, every makeup artists best keep secret are the mentors whove taught them every lesson and experience that brings them every inch closer to their dreams.

Theres an old saying that goes, A mentor is someone whose hindsight becomes your foresight. Here are a characteristics to look out for when searching for an effective mentor to work with:

  • Great mentors willingly share their wisdom, skills, and expertise.
  • Great mentors have a positive outlook on life. They present to you the opportunities that arise amidst obstacles.
  • Great mentors are genuinely concerned about you and your success. They are not only knowledgeable, but also empathetic.
  • Great mentors are well respected for the knowledge and skills theyve acquired.
  • Great mentors keep growing and continue to pursue their curiosity.
  • Great mentors fearlessly give direct and constructive feedback held to high standards. They provide room for learning both what to do and not to do given varied circumstances.
  • Great mentors are often people who are highly regarded in their field and are well respected by their colleagues.
  • Lastly, Great mentors seek out and value the opinion of others. Some put a high regard on listening carefully to people who disagree most, as it always presents a renewed learning experience.

It has been known to that the most impactful learning experiences accompany the plethora of mentorships that individuals have gone through and continue to immerse on as they embark on their lifes journeys. It is through the best mentors that you are able to benefit most without having to suffer the consequences of experiencing things first hand. And it is only from the best mentors that allow you to grow through the gift of their wisdom and knowledge. In this way, every makeup artists best keep secret are the mentors whove taught them every lesson and experience that brings them every inch closer to their dreams.

Tim Sanders, in one of his greatest selling books Love Is The Killer App,tells the story of how he transformed one of his people from a mad doginto a love cat.His most priceless advice is quite simple, he says Offer your wisdom freely and to always be human.Mentoring as a means of serving others is what Tim refers to as becoming a love cat.He believes that the more you serve others, the more confidence and success comes your way. Above all, one continues to grow and learn as a mentor. Mentors, like the ones at the Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts, reflect on their experiences and turn them into nuggets of wisdom they freely share with their students in order for them to grow.

Because CAVA offers the latest advancement in aesthetics education in the Philippines, it is through visionaries like Hazel Gonzales that makeup artistry is taken to whole new levels. The CAVA experience leads Philippine aesthetics through Hazel Gonzalespassion for creating beautiful and captivating works of art. Through the Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts, Hazel shares her expertise and gives students the opportunity to perfect their craft.

Much more than empowering their students, is CAVAs secret weapon of an army of highly skilled mentors. The greatest mentors bring out studentsindividual beauties and guide them in carefully nurturing their skill. This is what CAVA mentors embody. Not only are students exposed to everything they know, they are also given the gift of experience of the latest product innovations, makeup trends, and various versatile techniques.

CAVAs secret plethora of mentors culture continuous self improvement whether it be learning to further specialize in makeup or to simply learn to effortlessly create beauty.

Any mentoring relationship, like what is offered at the Center For Aesthetic And Visual Arts, revolves around the student and shared learning experiences. It becomes a positive experience for both mentor and students, which allows both to overcome hurdles when achieving what it is they wish to create.

From the beginning, students enrolled at the Center for Aesthetic and Makeup Artistry are already ahead of the pack. Hazel Gonzales proudly gives back the knowledge she gained throughout the years. Being a graduate of the Center of Aesthetics Studies, an Airbrush Specialist certified under Temptu Pro and a graduate of Master Class in High Definition Airbrush Makeup under Vida Inc. both in Sydney and in Hollywood, she is more than willing to share her expertise to anyone who has the desire to learn.

Hazel is distinctly recognized as an International Airbrush Specialist, Professional Bridal Makeup Artist and the Creative Director of HG Studio.  She was also given the honor of being the first prestige member at United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP), one of the most respected make up organizations in the Philippines.

The Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts is a result of Hazels attention to detail and passion for perfection. She transforms subjects into beautiful works of art that captivates anyone in sight and shares this experience with those who want to be a part of the industry.

One of the most fundamental points here is simple, it is only at the Center of Aesthetic and Visual Arts that the greatest mentors provide students with the life and success they believe deserve. CAVA cultures this unique experience that nurtures both students and the mentors. Mentors know that there are many who would always want their advice when creating beautiful works of art, and they freely give it. They can even mentor you without realizing they are doing so! Mentors at CAVA help their students achieve what they want and do a great job at it.

The Center For Aesthetic and Visual Arts leads as the best makeup school in the Philippines that caters to a holistic development of students with all areas of makeup artistry. Not only are mentors highly skilled industry practitioners, their insurmountable years of practice and education give them a priceless bank of wisdom and knowledge they are ready and willing to share. Not only have the mentors been exposed to prominent institutions that have led fashion weeks around the world, the best of them become available only at CAVA- Because CAVA knows that every makeup artists trade secret, is having great mentors.

CAVA is located at the 3rd Floor Victoria Towers Commercial Bldg., Timog Avenue, Quezon City Philippines with numbers +632 504 2282 and +63917 683 2282.

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