Calpol's #GoGinhawa Movement + Fever Management Tips For Moms

Clueless Firsts

Motherhood was unplanned for me. I knew in my heart that I was to be one down the line but I never really expected that I'm going to be a solo momma. So imagine how difficult it is for me whenever the boy gets sick. I have myself to rely on, really. 

Yes, I am a first time Mom so I am new to so many things. Yet, my maternal instinct kicked in once in a while before,  since I took care of my now 8-year old niece when she was little. But then again, my experience with taking care of a child wasn't that extensive as that to a real mother. 

So when Choi-Choi came along, I went through and I'm still going through some emotional and physical situations where my being a mother is put to the test especially when the boy has a fever. Seriously, I get to a point where I ask myself, "What the heck have I gotten myself into?"

Ginhawang Maaasahan

Mom's like you and me - we all know that one of the hardest parts of motherhood is when our child is sick. Dealing with their irritability, seeing them weak - that hurts us more, right? 

We suddenly make it a mission to provide fast relief and I personally, know that I have chosen the right partner in providing the first line of remedy for my boy. 

There is one brand of fast remedy for fever that I always trust. This said product is developed by one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies - GlaxoSmithKline - Calpol.

Calpol contains paracetamol specially formulated to offer effective relief from the discomforts of pain and fever among children. 
Believe it or not, I have always and will always be a Calpol  mom. My boy's pedia even the pediatricians we encounter during emergencies, they all recommended Calpol to me. Since then, I always have Calpol at my side whenever the need for it strikes. Of course, I have tried other brands, but Calpol seems to have that magic of fast relief and awesome taste. 

The irony of it all, as I'm writing this, my little guy is down with a 38.3 Degrees fever. I would've been beside myself with worry had I not known that I have Calpol to help me out. There are other reasons why I'm less stressed though!

At yesterday's #GoGinhawa Campaign launch at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong, along with other mommies, their guest pediatrician Dra. Sally Gatchalian shed some light on some myths about fever that I myself used to believe in or do whenever my boy is sick. 

Here are some of what I was able to pick up:

1. Fever is a way for our children's body to fight off sickness. It is a natural response. So what we are treating is their discomfort and irritability whenever we administer paracetamol (Calpol).

2. It is considered as fever if their temperature is at 37.8 degrees. Just because they feel hot on the forehead doesn't necessarily mean they have fever. It is best to take their temp with a thermometer.

3. It is better to use DIGITAL THERMOMETER for kids 5 and below. Gun types are best to use for kids 5 and up. 

4. It is not advisable to wrap them in blankets whenever they have high fever. It will only add to the discomfort. Make them wear some light colored and comfy clothes instead.

5. Do not mix alcohol with water ever! Inhalation can lead to comatose. 

Now these tips can lessen our trips to the emergency room. So helpful huh? 

#GoGinhawa Movement

In celebration of their commitment to mothers, Calpol has launched the #GoGinhawa movement. It is a community of Moms who advocate the provision of only the best care for their children.

In other words, Moms can now join a support group wherein they can get access to tips on how to give "ginhawa na maaasahan". They can get access to informative blogs and videos that can come in handy whenever our little ones' are sick. 

Aside from this, Ginhawa Moms will be the first to be informed of exciting promos from Calpol. They will also get a chance to score fever management tools that can helpful (just like it is to me now!) in giving ginhawa to their kids from fever. #GoGinhawa moms not only promise to equip moms with the right products, proper knowledge and the right tools to help bring relief to their children but also to become a reliable partner in their motherhood journey. 

#GoGinhawa Moms

Calpol excitingly revealed 3 of their "Go Ginhawa" Campaign Mombassadors - these women are celebrities in their respective field but are hands-on mommas at home. 

First-time mom Jolina is a very hands-on mom, who seeks only the best for her one-year old son Pele. She says: "I am a hands-on mom, I even bring him to work so I try to do everything for Pele, and that includes making sure he gets the best medicine when needed." She also shares how worried she was when Pele fell ill and had his first ever fever experience. " He just had fever, I didn't know that it was like that. It was hard, I almost cried because he was so weak. And I am not used to seeing him like that." Having a doctor-recommended solution she can trust was key to Pele's recovery. 

I definitely can relate to that. Choi is just 2 years old and I clearly remember the first time he fell ill. I immediately rushed him to the hospital and the pedia was like "Mommy, it's a fever you could've managed at home." Then she prescribed Calpol to me. 

Jackie Go, a mommy blogger says that motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to her. "My children have made my heart more grateful than ever. They are my teachers and they have made me realize that life is a constant process of learning. " That's why, it is important to Jackie to find instant relief for her kids Gabbie 5 and Juro, 2 when they're exposed to sickness. 

She couldn't have said it any better, Motherhood indeed has made me thankful too. And yes, I am constantly learning everyday.

Expert mom Suzi also talks about how being a mother has made her more selfless. She says, " My focus is no longer about myself. It's now caring about my kids, and my husband as well." She takes care of her daughters Leona (11 years old), Jade (10 years old), and Nella (9 years old) as she hosts the talk show Full Time Moms. 

"I'm glad Calpol has yummy flavors to choose from and I don't need to force them to take medicine when they're sick" Say Suzi about her children being picky when it comes to medicine. 

Aside from their #GoGinhawa Mombassadors, Ms. Heather Pelier - incoming General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Philippines made a commitment to champion the causes of Filipino mothers and Filipino families, for many years to come.

So now, I don't feel worried that I won't have anyone to turn to whenever my son is sick. I know I have #GoGinhawa moms who are just a click away to help me get through the stressful process of seeing my happy boy weak.

I consider myself part of the movement too! I have tried the Calpol fever management toolkit and followed some of the tips and advice I picked up at the event and from their Facebook videos.

The #GoGinhawa Fever Management Toolkit

You can be a #GoGinhawa Mom too! Simply visit and like Calpol on Facebook and send your Name, Email, The name of your kid/s and their age through a private message.

Enjoy motherhood and your child's precious moments when fever hits, with doctor-recommended and every mom's partner Paracetamol (Calpol). Because when fever is gone, life takes its place. 

With My fellow Mommy Bloggers and #GoGinhawa Moms

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