Allele White And Unlimited Possibilities For Your Skin

My Sundays are usually reserved for me and my little boy. With all the work, events and errands that I need to squeeze in during weekdays, I guess it's fitting that I spend my downtime with Choi. So when I received an invite for an exlusive bloggers event to introduce a beauty product, I wasn't really that eager to go but then again curiousity got the better of me. I figured, my readers need something new from me. Dontcha' guys? Haha. 

The event took place at Prose and Poetry Cafe at Level 1 of Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong. A quaint french coffee shop at the corner of the mall. Hmm, the moment I stepped inside, I said to myself "this looks promising." So, going back, since this is not a food review. Haha again! 

Let me break down my experience from the owner to the product and my overall view of Allele White.


Ms. Isabel

Isabel Isis Molina, a beautiful 29 year old solo Momma is not the first in the country to introduce an instant whitening product. There's already so many in the market, right? But really, with the story behind how Isabel went through struggles and trials, you'd feel her concern and care for her consumers are real. 

Looking at her, you won't believe that she isn't one of those lucky ladies who were blessed with fair skin. But with determination, she is what she is today. Beautiful and fair. 


And yes, being on the not so fair skinned side drove Isabel to come up with a skin solution that is perfect for all of us. 

Allele ('a, leel) - inspirational for Isabel but it actually pertains to one of two or more versions of a gene. An individual inherits two allele from each gene, one from each parent. ALLELE carries the genetic codes which gives us our distinct characteristics passed on from our parents to us, then from us to our offsprings. There are specific ALLELE for different eye color, hair color and skin color. 

This is how a revolutionary skin whitening system that allows you to have whiter and fairer skin in just 1 application and improve your skin tone and skin texture, continually whiten with consistent regular use was born. Introducing: ALLELE WHITE

Allele White Instant Whitening Lotion is a 5-in-1 formula that can help you instantly get that white glow that you only just dreamed of before. 

This product contains:

• Aqua - water, that is the most important ingredient our skin needs to keep tight and young
•dimethicone - keeps the skin hydrated even during the harshest weathers
• cetyl alcohol
• titanium dioxide
• polysorbate 80
• prophlene glycol
• Carica Papaya Extract - a whitening component 
• arctosphylos Uva-usi
• cool water essence 
• Vitamin C
• Octyl methacocycinnamate 
• preservatives
• perfum - for a freshly showered scent 

Get instant whitening effect, lighten your skin complexion with continued use, moisturize your skin, get loads of Vitamin C and SPF 35 for adequate sun protection. These are the benefits of ALLELE WHITE. 

Hedonistic Theory - wanting something, getting it and then wanting more when you have it. This is an innate trait of every human being. The insatiable need to have more paved the way for ALLELE to create more products for your need such as contact lenses and hair dye. 


I did a little sampling at the event myself. However, since it is ideal to apply ALLELE WHITE on clean skin, I noticed only a subtle difference but just enough to elicit an ala Kris Aquino "Oh my gosh, it works!" from me. 

See the difference in just seconds!

So, to test the lotion further, I went home, rested a bit and then took a shower. I patted both my arms dry then applied ALLELE on one arm using the method Isabel taught. I rubbed it completely to blend it totally, waited for it to dry and voila! 

Put small portions on your skin then apply it through a circular motion

Look at my left arm - see the difference?

Here's what I love about ALLELE WHITE:

non sticky feeling - no icky feeling after putting it on specially in a 40-ish degree weather! 

• easily absorbed by the skin

• quick effect

The smell! Oh the smell! It's like you already have sprayed perfume on! That "I just got out of the shower" smell is one of the best things I love about ALLELE. Unlike other lotions, the smell actually lingers. 

What needs improvement though is that it kinda stains on your clothes if you don't allow it to completely be dried and absorbed by the skin. You also need to really blend it well. Yes, it is easily absorbed by the skin, but you have to really rub it on your skin to prevent seeing white patches, but hey, it's really not a big problem for me. 

Get ALLELE now and with continued use, you will get that fair skin you've always dreamed of!

This 75 grams tiny miracle worker is avaialble for you guys for only P99 pesos! Awesome huh? Affordable and powerful! 

To know more about how to order and for shipping specifics, visit their website ALLELE WHITE.

Get that "kutis sosyal" that you've always dreamed of! If you were not born with the allele for fair skin, take control and be white now! 


Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Thanks for the tip! Will check this one out :)

  2. Wow, so affordable! :) There really are so many whitening products in the market these days. We must really be on the lookout for which ones to pick. :)

  3. Wow, ang mura sis :) nakakatuwa! Will check this out.

  4. Really? I see the difference indeed..and good thing it's not pricey.

  5. Interesting! is it available in the malls or online only?

  6. It's so inexpensive! I want to try this product, too. I hope it becomes available soon in local supermarkets/beauty shops like Watsons.

    1. You can purchase it online! Let me know if you're ready to buy. :-)

    2. You can purchase it online! Let me know if you're ready to buy. :-)

    3. You can purchase it online! Let me know if you're ready to buy. :-)