Zomato Food Crawl At Solaire Resort And Casino

Zomato Foodie Perks

I love Zomato. That's a fact. I love how it opened new doors - food-wise for me. I am a true blue foodie who likes taking my  adventures, again, food-wise on different levels.

Recently, I was one of the lucky few who was invited to the first ever Zomato Food Crawl. Food crawl - where foodies get to try different restos all in one day.

Guess where the first food crawl was that day? No less than the very best, at the Solaire Resort & Casino located at Macapagal. There were 20 of us, plus the peeps of Zomato. I dramatically say: 6 restos, 20 foodies = Man vs. Food. Imagine my delight my friends! My tummy warriors were jumping up with joy as this is my first time to see Solaire. 

Solaire Resort And Casino

My panoramic shot of Solaire's Pool Area.

No disappointment at all! The place lives up to its' promise. Solaire Resort And Casino is where elegance, relaxation and enjoyment meets. 

As part of the upcoming Solaire Resort & Casino birthday celebration - they tied up with Zomato to give foodies a chance to try a leveled up dining experience. 

Food Crawl

Now, I don't want to keep you in suspense ladies and gentlemen! I will give you a rundown of 6 of the best restos I've tried so far. I can't promise not to make your stomachs grumble with cravings though! Haha Also, this is gonna be a long blogpost, so I hope you keep your patience in check. Thank you! 

First Stop: Finestra 

This resto proves that Solaire offers more than just gaming and relaxation. They offer delightful gastronomic experience too. 

Finestra is italian for window. I assume, those large windows overlooking another pool area and the ocean was what the name stands for. 

Giant chandeliers adorn its' high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass windows allow the sunlight to freely illuminate the place, highlighting Finestra's elegance. The wraparound patio makes dining even more romantic as it offers free view of the setting sun. 

Cozy, elegant table settings.

Their staff were friendly and inconspicuous. Since it was a stand up informal and quick food tasting, they served us with the speed and ease that you would expect from such event. I have no complaints. 

As an anniversary special offer, they served us with Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina. It tasted like burger, yes, a very special burger patty. But really, it's made up of veal, parmesan cheese and other delectable ingredients that result to this amazing italian dish. 

Up close and delicious!

I give Finestra 5 out of 5 foodie stars for their friendly staff, ambience and their Saltimbocca. 

Second Stop: Waterside Restobar

After a quick stand up foodtasting at Finestra, we headed over to another restaurant around the ground floor gaming area of Solaire - Waterside Restobar. 

Now the name doesn't need rocket science to figure out why. It is literally situated close to another pool area of Solaire. 

Waterside is more laidback compared to Finestra. High wooden stools give an impression of a less formal dining style.

High stools, long tables plus shades of brown. 

The bar area houses numerous alcoholic beverages and the style gives out an indoor beach resort bar. 

Now pan your camera to the inner part of Waterside and you'll experience a fleeting glare of the sunlight as it seeps in to the building through high glass windows, much like the windows at Finestra. 

This side offers a bit of a formal experience. 

Step out of the large double glass doors and you'll see a dining space for smoking customers plus this amazing view of the pool area and Manila Bay beyond. 

The Food

At Waterside, we sat down at the long tables in anticipation of a surely tummy satisfying sitdown feast. 

The chef presented us with a mouthwatering menu and here they are, in no particular order...haha:

Paella Valenciana - this famous spanish dish is a favorite of mine especially the one my Tita makes but now, and by far, this Paella comes in second. Cooked just right, not too "malata" (overcooked)

(Photo taken by yours truly) 

Surf & Turf – Hanger Steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs, and Prawns - this staple Australian dish which is also famous in North America was a hit and a definitely not to miss meal when you eat at Waterside. 

The salmon was fresh and juicy! I loved how it kind of melts in the mouth when you take a bite. The steak was cooked just right. Just like the salmon, the meats' juices drip in every bite. And it was delish!  Make it a sumptous trio of steak, salmon and prawns and it's a-ok mate! Lol! 

Coaster – Humita and Potato Carbonara, had a tangy smell that resembled that of a potato salad with a twist. Out of these 3 dishes, let's just say, this is 3rd on my list, but then again, I'm a steak and seafood kind of gal so I'm biased. Haha.

(Photo taken by Rolled Into One Mom) 
For its' bright view of the bay and the elegant pool area paired with the less formal atmosphere but most of all, the yummy meal - I'm giving Waterside 5 out of 5 stars too! 

We left Waterside with a light heart but heavy tummies, knowing to myself that I am definitely coming back for more. 

My dear readers, this is just the 1st part of my 3 part review of the Zomato Food Crawl at Solaire. Stay tuned as I have 4 more to review soon! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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