The Pink Money Market And My Key Takeaways + Cuteness Overload #DPOP #RAINBOWCONNECTION

With some of the participants and guest speakers in a group photo.

Eyes Wide Open

I knew from the get go that signing up for this event was a good, no, awesome decision. Well, based on my past experiences, events by DPOP are worth attending because their subject matters are so timely and essential to my online career.

Anyways, I didn't come to the event unaware or ignorant about the topic. In fact, I have been exposed to it and I'd like to think my mind is open enough to hear whatever the guests had to say.

I came to show my support and to express my admiration towards the people whom, in so many levels, displayed hardwork and dedication to succeed like no other - the LGBT Community.

A Little Close To Home

When I say "like no other", well, at least in my circle. My sister, again, as I've said before is part of the LGBT sector and she has done more for us than any of us, myself included, when it comes to supporting the family especially when my Dad retired from work. And I am proud of her. I have gay and lesbian uncles, cousins and nephews, who have gone out into the world and made something out of themselves in the society.

That's me and my ATE who is also a part of the LGBT sector. I love her!

I have so many adjectives in my head wanting to describe how this event has expanded my views even more and how we need to provide more widespread/wide scale awareness campaigns to introduce the sector that don't mean any harm to our society. And yet, I can't find one that is fitting to what I have learned from this event. More than the freebies, it's the lessons, it's the awareness that made me a little richer coming out of this.

My Takeaways From The Guest Speakers

I wanted to find the right angle so that I can somehow take my readers into a little virtual experience and learn with me - I want you guys to feel like you were there with me at the exact same moment my mind was being pried wide open even more then maybe, yours will be enlightened too!

So here's what we're going to do, I will give you a bit of an introduction and I will provide you with my take on the topics they discussed at the event:


Jon and I.

DR. JON FONTILLA - representative from DOH(Department of Health) and a man of many hats.

"In diversity lies the power." And I couldn't agree with him more. The more brains working together, putting in different ideas from different sets of experiences, the more likely for something to succeed. 

From a business perspective, diversity gives you a wider market. You will be able to sell to more than one segment of a sector that is emerging so fast in the industry. They bring in different point of views, style and ideas that can be essential in building or sustaining a successful business.

As a medical practitioner, Dr.Fontilla said, "it is not being an LGBT that gives you STD, it's your lifestyle" 

WORD. It is how you conduct your day to day relationships, it's your choices.Let us not stereotype or jump into conclusions. It is not your identity that attracts diseases (health-wise), it's your actions.

SIMOUN FERRER - head GMA Artist Center

I realized, when it comes to the entertainment industry, the Filipino society is not yet ready to totally let go of typecasting. Apparently, a actors' persona or image still majorly affects the way a TV show rates. Which in turn, forces them to hide in a facade of a personality different from who they really are. (that's showbusiness though),

Which I feel is a sad, sad part. Why? Because movies and TV shows are fiction, make-believes - so why is it so hard to accept a gay man portraying a husbands' role? It is make believe after all.

Isn't he a cutie? Lol!


NICCOLO COSME - conceptual photographer; proud to be gay!

This guy probably captivated my attention the most! Not just because he such a cutie but his photographs moved my understanding into so many different levels making me realize, I was glad to have attended this event. He just gave storytelling in pictures a whole new meaning.

Powerful, moving pictures that took us to his journey from when he first realized he was gay into finally accepting himself.

Some samples of his masterpieces taken from

Prejudice. Stereotype and self-righteousness may be the most common hindrances in succeeding. But I believe it's not just for the LGBT sector but for everyone else as well.

But then again, he survived, and made it in a world where the competition is very high. So I have learned, that being comfortable in your own skin, knowing what you want and how to get there - are the key to success.

with "the" niccolo cosme. photographer extraordinaire!

MABS PENA - BED Manila, Events Specialist and self-confessed "fag-net"

Another favorite speaker. She delivered short but succinct approach to the subject matter and I loved her! 

One thing I realized, the door swings both ways. It's both the society and not just the LGBT community that puts them in a box. Sometimes, for fear of being ridiculed or rejected - both becomes clannish or territorial - forgetting that acceptance and open mindedness are the keys to break barriers.

We all have to open ourselves to the reality that there is more than one or two gender sector in our country or even the world! If we just learn to co-exist - then maybe, discrimination won't be an issue at all! 

with Ms. Mabs Pena

ARLENE PADUA - I learned from her that the LGBT market had the strongest brand loyalty. They like products that are sensitive to their needs and that is not so bad for business people like me - at all!

Ms. Arlene Padua

I will be honest, I wasn't able to hear the talks of Brian Tenorio, but I am sure, it was beneficial and would have helped me had I been inside the room. Sorry Brian! *peace*


No, the LGBT sector or being part of it or being born into it isn't a curse or a disease that can be cured by a pray over. 

You see, it's on our shoulders that lie the duty to spread the word and understanding that the LGBT is emerging so fast and that we can't stop it. It's a life choice one must bravely make - to come out. And it is our responsibility to teach our children that there is no need to hate, discriminate or isolate. 

Live and Let Live. If we can't wholeheartedly accept them - then let's just co-exist. If there's anything I've learned from having family and friends from the LGBT - they have more of the passion and drive to succeed. They have much more to prove and to maintain and at the rate things are going - they are becoming movers and shakers of our economy. 


I am thankful for being invited to this event and for the odds permitting me to be able to make it. I came in with an open mind, I went home with an open heart.


A shoutout to the amazing sponsors that made this event possible! ANTEL HOTEL - the perfect place for family, friends and events as amazing as DPOPs' #RAINBOWCONNECTION and MR JEOFF SOLAS for coming up with this controversial yet eye-opening event.

That's Jeoff at the leftmost side. 
SHINAGAWA LASIK AND AESTHETICS, 2GO TRAVEL, MOOVZ - download their app on Android or App Store. And to the media partners - WHEN IN MANILA, Island Rose, NMFTV and Karot for hosting the event!

Karot of LOLZ at NMFtv

And if you want to party the LGBT way, join us at the JUNGLE CIRCUIT PARTY happening on December 6, 2014. Check out DPOP's Facebook Page for more details!

I know this is a touchy subject, but let me know what you think when you drop by!

Rolled Into One Mom

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