My First Ever Bazaar Experience & Tips On Starting A Little Online Biz = a #giveaway!

Now that was a mouthful! Lol! I have been so busy with events and PRs' that I have missed writing my personal experiences. I apologize if my site has become more of a business than the personal feel I'd like for it to maintain. 

Anyways, I know this post is a bit overdue. But as promised, I am sharing with you my awesome experience at SALE ON SPHERE, a Christmas Bazaar organized by the HR of Eperformax Contact Services. 

I started selling online in 2012, this was the time I was pregnant with my boy, Choi-Choi and I wanted to have an extra source of income so I can pay for the necessities - I am a single parent by the way. So, "kelangan talagang rumaket ng lola nyo!" (I needed an extra source of funds.)


Shoppers Stop Online Shop started as an Instagram Shop that only catered to customers that wanted pre-order stuff from the UK (where my sister lives) until we started adding and then selling a hodgepodge of fashionable items. From bags, shoes, clothes, gadgets to SMARTLACES - name it, we have it!

Anyways, business has gone through a rollercoaster of high's and low's since its' birth and I welcome the challenge with open arms. So when an opportunity to finally join a bazaar for a very affordable price - I didn't let the chance pass anymore. You see, I've always wanted to, it's just the fees were so expensive. 


Sale on Sphere is a Christmas Bazaar organized by the HR Department of Eperformax Contact Services where my sister works. The bazaar was open to employees and their family members who wanted to showcase the products they sell. Sale on Sphere was a 5-day event for the first time in Eper and hopefully will be a yearly thing since I plan to make it a yearly habit.

This is pretty much the set-up at the 7th floor.


To be honest, my first day was a loss for me. I didn't even make one sale and I watched one stall after another pack up earlier than the assigned pack up time. But I and my sister who also has a shop that sells customized phone and IPad cases + cord protectors RShop decided to stick it out. It's our first time after all.

My sister manning our booth. She owns RShop

That's me manning our booths.

I sold bags, shoes but my main product for the bazaar was the SMARTLACES -  no tie silicone shoelaces that turn your shoes into instant slip-ons.

SMARTLACES - turns your shoes into instant slip-ons!

At first, people didn't understand how the laces function but when one person decided to buy, the buyers flowed in like a flashflood on a stormy day (no offense meant.)

I used my green shoes as a sample 

In other words, I made a lot of sales but what I enjoyed the most was making new friends. Other business minded call center agents that made the 9PM-9AM store hours much more bearable.

Some of the fab people who bought from our booth!

Approximately, I made around more than P10k in sales for 4 days! Not bad huh? I was able to pay off some debts. buy milk and diapers for Choi and save a few left for Choi's future.


I won't claim to be an expert on business matters but I have a few tips that I can share from experience that might be able to help out mommies like me who would like to add a little extra "raket" on our never-ending mommy pursuits!

1. Like in blogging, find your niche. Make sure that whatever business you decide to put up will be something you will be able to sell and YOU, yourself WILL BUY.

2Think of a unique business name, catchy yet classy. Mine was a bit rushed though, but I'm thinking of changing it next year! Register it and voila! You own it!

3. Have at least a capital of P10,000 - P15,000 + a whole lot of guts! (Lol). This amount should be enough to get you started in the online business field.

4. Choose if you're going to resell products or sell your own creation. - In my experience, reselling is a lot more affordable. The products are already there for you to sell, you can get resellers price and you have the option to choose dropshipping. As for selling your own creation, of course, the edge is that your product is more original and you have more control in pricing.

5Be CREATIVE. The cardinal rule in selling online. Be unique, artistic if you can in posting ads, products and forms. The more colorful yet easy to understand, the better.

6Enlist the help of your family and friends in spreading the word out so that people will be aware of your biz.

7BE ACTIVE IN SOCIAL MEDIA - participate in SFS (Shoutout for a Shoutout) with other shops, be friends with your suppliers, establish relationships with your buyers.

8. DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE. Inform your buyers about the authenticity of your items, pros and cons when they get a certain item, lead times and extra charges.

These are just tips, of course, it is best to seek help from professionals that can help you in a more broad sense. Taxations and finances are so confusing, that's where accountants come in - and I am definitely not one my friends!

In a nutshell, in todays' day and age of equality, us Moms' must be able to think of ways to support our kids needs. Stay at home Moms specially! Because having an online business is fun, not too time consuming and it is also a way to add a few extra money into your savings!


As my way of thanking my readers and friends, I am giving away a box of SMARTLACES to one lucky reader! Happy Holidays!!! Here's how you can send in your entries:

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  1. I have yet to muster the courage and save up for an online business, but I plan to. I already have a business in mind and a supplier, but I really have to think it through because there's a lot of competition in that line and I might end up using my products instead of selling them as it's my favorite thing in the world. :)

  2. I tried online business too sa multiply pa but I stopped. I tried bazaar last year, katuwaan lang with my friends. It was tiring pero buti kumita naman kami. lol

  3. Nice extra income! I saw a lot of people who became succesful in the online business, hope you do the same!

  4. Congratulations on a successful first bazaar experience! 10K is not bad, ha! I've always wanted to join a bazaar too. Just don't know what to sell though. Haha! More power to your business this 2015. :)

  5. Congrats on your first ever bazaar!!! ang cutesy nung smart laces :)

  6. Congrats! I've never participated in a bazaar and it seems like an interesting experience :)

  7. Not bad talaga! I've always wanted to try my hand at business but don't have the time - and guts - yet. I'm curious about Smart Laces! (By the way, your Rafflecopter widget is not showing. You need to edit the codes and write it under "Html," not text. :-))