Capturing Life In Pictures | My Top 5 Takeaways from The Basic Photography Tips and Tricks for Bloggers Workshop


I like looking at beautiful pictures, still life, portrait, landscape or random pictures of people that we see everyday. It makes me feel that even without words, the way a picture is captured somehow speaks for itself. The angles, the movements and even the emotions photographed send different messages that makes you understand what the photographer is trying to say.

Like I always say, a photograph captures life, moments that we may not be able to take back but we can remember through pictures. A picture beautifully taken makes the walk down memory lane even more special.

I myself am not a good photographer. I always rely on mobile apps and filters to make my pictures look better. So when an opportunity to enhance my skills, even if it's just the basics, I quickly grabbed the chance and paid my spot for a minimal fee.

THE WHOLE GANG! The participants and organizers of the workshop - BLOGGERS NG PINAS

I am extremely lucky to be a part of this very helpful group of bloggers who continuously come up with events and activities that will further help me expand not just my network but my blogging skills.

They organized an event that every blogger who needs to improve their photography skills definitely must attend - BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BLOGGERS. 

I just couldn't pass up the chance,so I cleared my schedule and signed up. I was even more happy because the event was held at my happiest place on earth - FULLY BOOKED, BONIFACIO HIGH STREET. 

This is the place where "retail therapy" probably applies to me the most. FULLY BOOKED is my wonderland. 


I had an amazing time at the workshop. Aside from seeing familiar faces, it was a blast seeing new people too. It was awesome to see these "online people" in real life!

So here I am, sharing with you my TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS AND TRICKS WORKSHOP OF BLOGGERS NG PINAS sponsored by the trusted manufacturers of camera in the world: NIKON PHILIPPINES:

1. Eye for detail - you need to observe and keep your eyes open for a story. A group of playing children, a man crossing the street or paper being swept away by the soft wind. According to Yuan and Mike, our speakers and instructors that day, you need to look around you and anything simple can be extraordinary by the way you focus on them and take the picture at the perfect timing.

That's Yuan. I wanted the picture to look dramatic but I guess, I failed yet again! haha

2. Let go of your inhibitions - do not be afraid to look ridiculous. To lie flat on a patch of grass, shoot while perched on a boulder or a wall, anything to capture that one perfect shot that sometimes take hours to take.

3. Invest in a good quality camera and take good care of it - NIKON cameras are high quality cameras with affordable prices. Yes, DSLR cameras are expensive and can be high maintenance but isn't it ideal to invest in something that you can use for a long time yet will give you quality results?

4. From a bloggers point of view, always take a picture with your readers in mind - according to Azrael Colladilla , for bloggers or writers like us,

"photos in blogs are entertaining, it can tell a story, it can beautify your blog and a graphic and photo intensive blog sells.."

I couldn't agree with him more. A blog post without pictures is like coffee without sugar, it can lose its' taste or in our case, its' appeal to our readers.

Azrael revealing the contents of his "blogger backpack"

5. Experts were like you and me - they were beginners at some point too - all it takes is a decision to try. You won't  be an art connoisseur, a pro photographer or even a professional blogger in an instant, you need to practice, do research and ask help from people who have gone through the same training and are now experts. Attending workshops like this organized by BLOGGERS NG PINAS is a must too.


I don't own a DSLR, well, yet but I plan to get one for myself soon. This workshop has taught me how to further engage my readers in reading my blog - by adding pictures that have concepts and well taken.

Thank you Rey, Millie, Tonette and Pia of BLOGGERS NG PINAS for holding such an educational event.


But of course, major thanks need to be said to the following sponsors who made the event possible too:

Dra. Nikita Kyla Talens of SKIN PHILOSOPHIE UK , my favorite skincare specialist!

Me with Dra. Nikita Kyla Talens of SKIN PHILOSOPHIE UK I have experienced the wonders of her skincare expertise and believe me - it's worth it!
Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar (OTKB) for allowing us to take photos of their yummy food!

OTKB is located at B-3, Bonifacio High Street, BGC

When In Manila, Sagabay TechnologiesSagabay Outsourcing Services, Essays.Ph , the venue partner FULLY BOOKED and the MAJOR SPONSOR: NIKON PHILIPPINES.

I look forward to more of this kind of workshop from BLOGGERS NG PINAS. Now, I a little armed with patience in taking pictures. I really hope I get it right this time.

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. I love it!! Thanks for sharing what you've learned Nhessie! I especially liked #5. :) aaand... I missed the group pic. Hahaha I was outside. See you again soon!

  2. Does this mean you're getting a Nikon soon? Heehee. Cannot convince my hubby even though I showed him good reviews of Nikon cameras. I guess Cannon is more pop among non-pro photographers.

    Anyway, great list of takeaways. How nice no, that Azrael would assure us about how they were once "beginners" too!

    Great blog! Panalo na to! :)

    1. hahahaha,natawa naman ako mommy may! panalo para sating dalawa! :-P anyways, funny you mentioned canon being a fave for non photographers, yan din ang sagot sa akin ng mga friends ko eh, Canon daw gusto nila. hahaha...but for me, i might get a Nikon. :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing what you've learned. I like this line "Do not be afraid to look ridiculous". I agree, readers love to see good photos. :)

  4. Nice! I love OTKB. Their food is yummy 'no? :) My best friend is their MO :)

  5. I learned loads too from the event! :) It was fun and so worth it.

  6. It sounds you really had fun and you learned a lot from the workshop.

  7. Looks like you've all gone there except me. I'm so envious!