Let's face it, we are all busy moms, with tons of chores to do and a lot of tasks to accomplish. Tonight is one of those nights where calling myself busy just couldn't coin how many things I have to do are. 

It's my "Chef of the night" duty wherein I had to cook dinner for the whole family. I wanted to cook something quick yet healthy and affordable to boot! A magic word for mommas. Lol!

So here mommies, I'm sharing a simple recipe I learned through my good friend, Ate Shirley. 



Garlic - half clove
Medium onion - half
Small tomatoes
1/4 ground pork
About 6 pcs medium eggplants - sliced
Oyster sauce
Ground pepper
Maggi Magic Sarap


*Fry sliced eggplant - set aside
*Cook ground pork until oil is extracted and meat is a little brown - set aside

1. Sautee' garlic, onion, tomatoes to bring out their flavors, add ground pork
2. Pour oyster sauce, season with pepper and half pack of Maggi Magic Sarap, mix well
3. Add fried eggplant
4. Adjust taste according to what you prefer, turn heat off
5. Serve with hot rice. Enjoy! 

Quick and easy, right? A million thanks to Ate Shirley for introducing this recipe! I added a little twist - I replaced soy sauce with oyster sauce and a teaspoon of medium brown sugar for a little  sweet and salty flavor. 

The family finished off the entire dish a few minutes after I served it so judging by their satisfied burps, it was a success! 

Try it mommies! And tell me how yours go! 😄


As a bonus, I boiled my all time fave Okras and sauteed my favorite Barrio Fiesta sweet shrimp paste as a side dish! 👍

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  1. Oh yummmm! I can almost taste them from here! heehee. I haven't tried oyster sauce with talong but it sounds so great, I want to eat it na.

  2. I'm not into veggies but my husband cooks steamed okra + shrimp paste too.

  3. Oh my! I love veggies and I like your dinner! Magaya nga.

  4. I love talong with bagoong. Perfect combination for me. :) This sounds delish and easy peasy. :)

  5. Oh we love this. Thailand also has a similar recipe but with chillies.