I'm a frustrated baker but I'm a sweets addict! I used to think baking was never for me.Aside from limited baking equipments, I lack the discipline. Baking I believe requires specific measurements and a lot of patience as compared to cooking. 

I was feeling a bit "masipag" this morning, I wanted to make a sweet recipe of my own. I knew there are cakes that are "no bake" so I decided to try my hand at one of those. I have decided to make my own version of Graham Cake based on my Titas' old recipe which she used to bring us whenever she visited us from Laguna. I'd like to share it with you mommies, maybe you can serve this to your family too! (Well, if you haven't!) 


Mangoes - about 5 pcs. Medium Size. - remove skin and seed then slice
1 pack Graham Crackers - 200 grams
1 Alaska Evaporated Milk - 300 ML
1 Alaska Condensada - 300 ML
2 Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream - 250 ML


Either 1 Large sized Pyrex Bowl (rectangle) or Tupperware with cover (I used Pyrex Bowl)
Mortar and pestle (I like it old school! Lol) - for graham cracker crumbs


1. Mix all purpose cream and condensed milk, pour until you reach desired sweetness

2. Evenly layer graham crackers on desired container.

3. Pour evaporated milk on graham crackers, just make sure not to overcoat it with milk

4. Next coat graham crackers with mixture of condensed and all purpose cream. Make sure to evenly coat all crackers with the cream

5. Top the graham crackers with mangoes, make sure to equally cover the crackers with mangoes. (i went over the top with mine since mangoes are my favorite!) 

6. Repeat procedures 2 to 5 until you reach desired layers.

7. Top final layer with mangoes, pour cream mixture then equally cover it with graham cracker crumbs

8. Cover container - SERVE FROZEN. 

9. ENJOY! 

This must be one of the easiest no-bake cake I've tried so far and I'm very happy with the results! Watch out for more no-bake recipes soon mommies! 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. I love this! This is one of our kids' favorite desserts! Do you know that Gilligan's sell this by the slice? Php 55/ slice. :)

    1. really? very expensive! I spent less than 500 for one large pyrex ha! oh well. that's business hehe