Style Guides for Young Moms

For young, first time mothers, it has obviously become important to prioritize the necessities and forego luxuries. Shopping sprees are now reduced to a trip to a baby needs store instead of our usual favorite clothing brand store. 

When I became a mother, I have chosen comfort over style. So now, instead of panic buying on cute outfits, I just rummage through the closet for barely used but still fits stuff so I can save more on milk and diaper funds. But then again, it's true what they say, a cute, comfortable outfit can either uplift a stressful day or it can also represent how well you take care of yourself. It doesn't necessarily follow that when you become a mother, you have too look "losyang" diba? 

I have no extra funds to shop for myself as of the moment and I still have some cute outfits on hand, so I have decided to share some styling tips with you my fellow mothers, if men have fantasy football, us mothers can also have a fantasy fashion show, right? So, last night, I have put together some style guides that can give you an idea of what you can wear at any time or any occasion. 

One of my major advice: accessorize! 

Tip: you might also have the same clothes or clothes with the same colors, just mix and match it according to your taste. 

These are just tips and guides to give you an idea that yes, us young moms can also be stylish in comfy clothes too! 

Outfit #1

Try mixing a dark colored top with light colored pants for a stroll in the mall. This is also a cute outfit to Church on a Sunday. 

Outfit #2

A dainty dress that you can wear to pick up your kids from school which you can turn into an evening wear by switching those sandals or flats to a pair of pointed toe kitten heels. 

Outfit #3

Missing an ingredient for todays' recipe? Make a quick dash to the grocery store in a light, airy and comfortable top and short shorts paired with classic white sneakers. This is also an ideal outfit for your kids' playday at the park. 

Outfit #4

A little conservative? A classic crisp, white shirt, skinnies and black flats ensemble is the perfect outfit for a PTA Meeting or a Parent Teacher consultation. Always remember, white is always right. 

Outfit #5

For career moms. A stylish yet functional outfit that you can wear to the office by day and wear to pick up your kids from school at noon then wear to a dinner date with the husband, in laws or partner at night! 

5 outfits, 10 pieces which you can mix and match to create a different set of outfits! Imagine your savings if you can only learn to mix and match! 

Disclaimer: the clips I got online but the concept/ideas are mine! Now I don't claim to be a professional stylist but I hope this helps! 

For young moms out there who need a little nudge in the styling department! On my next blog, I will give you my top 10 wardrobe essentials that you should have in your closet - ALL the time! 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Like you, I also choose comfort over style. I used to wear high heel shoes but now I prefer ballet shoes or sneakers. :)

    1. sneakers na rin ang bestfriend ko these day mommy michi. :-) i have chucks in three different colors.

  2. I used to wear 2-3 inch heels every time I go out back then and wore a lot of #2s, even when we had our 2nd child...but with my third, my clothes no longer fit, the budget thinned, obviously, and well, it's hard to run after 3 kids in heels. So yeah, comfort goes first. Accessories for me is like makeup. I barely wore any since I stepped off the band circuit. Just not fond of them. But if I've got budget for new clothes, I'll say go for basics, mix and match `em, and if I have a choice, never scrimp on shoes- Shoes will always be the best-est accessories for me. :P

    1. yes mommy may, shoes and accessories and perfect white tees! :-)

    2. Ay bakit ganun? heehee...I meant #4, not #2. I used to wear a lot of #4s. :)

  3. I am not really fashionable so I find this post helpful. Thanks a lot.

  4. Naku! I feel you dun sa "choosing comfort over style". That is sooo me! My blog is my biggest proof. I used to be "fashion blogger". Pero when I become a mummy, friends would always tell me na ibang iba na ako. I repeat clothes na. I am always always in flats. No more excessorizing! Kasi I am so afraid na tamaan ang baby ng mga banggles and chunky necklaces. Nung nag 4months naman, waley na ring earrings kasi hinahablot na nya. :( Oh well! But I really should improve ano? I need to prettify myself!

    1. mommy celerhina, i know what you mean! youre just very lucky kase sexy ka, i can see on your pic so if gusto mo magpaka stylish ulit, pwede. eh ako, dabyana na! hahahaha