SALT: Good Food Under P200

Who doesn't want a yummy steak meal for under 200 bucks? You know you do. 

Hidden if not completely hidden in the inner streets of Fermina and Enriquez at Barangay Poblacion, Makati City is a "foodie on a budget" heaven called - SALT. A steakhouse that offers a variety of grilled goodies on their menu. 

    (photo grabbed from Facebook) Salt is just walking distance from Rockwell Power Plant

    I am not kidding. There were many people willing to wait to be seated. It's worth it! 

My sister and I used to frequent Fermina for the cheap yet delicious ihaw-ihaw (barbecue), right in front of it is a simple, unassuming residential structure which I used to think was a boutique of a celebrity stylist. I was wrong, looking at the throngs of people waiting outside the place, I realized they weren't celebrities waiting to be dressed by the best but instead, they were waiting to be seated. 

Out of curiousity, my sister and I decided to check the place out and asked for a seat ourselves. We were 4th on the list, luckily. After we had our name listed down, a good number of people started coming in. 

The wait was a little over 20 minutes, but since we were newbies, we thought it was worth the wait. The only thing I noticed in the beginning was that they were a little short staffed, but then I realized, with that many people, you will definitely be short staffed. The gate was packed! 

I guess it was my lucky day cause we were seated inside where there was AC, I give them 5 thumbs up for the perfect temp and rustic ambience. It was tasteful yet unintimidating. It felt like home.

The lighting was bright enough, not glaring and definitely not "sleep on your seat" dark. The wooden tables and chairs feel like you're at your "suking" eatery, familiar yet a little different. 

What added to the homely yet rustic ambience of the place was their friendly and accomodating staff. They were always ready to serve with smiles on their faces. I love them! 

Looking at the menu, I realized, they have an affordable variety of meals that even students can afford. I looked around and from what I saw, most of their customers are yuppies looking for gastronomic respite from a hard days' work. The place was buzzing with laughter, excitement and a hint of laid back  chatter as they talked about the end of another work day. 

My dad is a fan of steak so he ordered T-Bone (P190) - cooked just right so it's not too tender, "pustiso friendly"  is how I'd like to describe it. The steak had three sauces to choose from - Barbecue, gravy and pepper and cream. He chose barbecue and yes, it was delish! A mix of sweet, sour and mildly spicy. My sister and I ordered the Grilled Cajun Chicken (P180), I expected a spicy meal since it was cajun but I guess they preferred this menu half-Cajun instead. I guess, it was a lot like the usual grilled chicken you would find somewhere else but I still loved it since I'm a chicken lover. Smelled great too! My niece Sofia, ordered Country Fried Chicken (180), I'm sure they had a secret recipe, cause it was a perfect meal for a 7 year old. Not spicy, tender and completely not oily with a perfect sauce that came with it. All the main course didn't come with drinks so you need to bring a little extra to order soda or bottled water. 

After the main course, we ordered Frozen Brazo de Merceds for dessert. I was never a fan of brazo but with the first bite, brazo de mercedes just became one of my favorite sweets. It was sweet but not too sweet and it felt like I was eating flan with ice cream underneath. It was heavenly! I recommend you order the sweet thing! 

In total, we spent P970 pesos, not bad for a meal for 4! 

Owned and operated by Mr. Marco Escudero, SALT is a perfect place for people who are looking to satisfy their tummies with food that is delicious and affordable. 

My first experience eating at SALT will definitely not be the last. 

Check out for more testimonials and info about the place. 


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