Charity Birthday Party On A Budget: A Flashback To Chois' 1st Birthday Party

Last April 18, 2014, I wanted to celebrate Choi's birthday uniquely, of course on a limited budget. Unlike other moms, I didn't have endless supply of dough. Of course, a meaningful, affordable celebration was what I had in mind. 

A Blessing For A Blessing. Since I believe that having my son is one of the best blessings God has bestowed upon me, I wanted to share his special day with less fortunate children. 

So,marked with good intentions, I made early preparations a month before his big day. Here's a list of the total expenditures for this event for mommies who plan to do the same:

*Invitations - Free. I asked my friend to do an "e-vite" instead. Since it was a "friends and family" party, I just uploaded the e-vite on Facebook and tagged my friends. 

*Venue - FREE. I have chosen to hold the event at Assosacion De Damas De Filipinas in Manila. They house orphaned children of about 50+. They are used to having people who celebrate special events there so they have a big hall to hold the party. You just need to make early reservations. 

*Food - I decided to forego the typical fastfood meal packages and asked my friend to cook spaghetti and fried chicken instead. I had a feeling they will appreciate it more. I also bought 6 boxes of juice for the drinks. Total expenses for food for about 60pax: P2,000.00

*Decorations - I wanted to do the decorations myself, so I went to the Thrift Haven for party planners , Divisoria

1. baloons, sticks and air pumps - 100 pcs baloons and sticks, 2 pcs air pumps - P250 pesos (the glossy kind)
2. party hats - 70 pcs - P48/dozen - P288

*Candy Buffet - Of course, no party for kids would be a blast without a sweets buffet. Instead of hiring professionals, I created one myself. Once again, all materials except for the wooden letters were bought in Divi.

1. Table cloth - blue plaid square - P60
2. Buntings - 2 pcs - P30
3. Candies - gummy worms - P90 pesos/kilo (around 100 pcs) - P90
                  - chocolate bars - 3 packs of 12 for P100 -               P200
                  - jelly tubes - 3 packs of 12 for P100 -                       P200
                  - Lollipops - P45/pack of 50's -                                 P90
                  - choco-choco - P60/ pack of 50's                           P120
                  - Bubble gum - P45/box of 50's.                               P90
                  - Big marshmallows - P35/pack (about 50pcs).         P100
                  - mini keyks - P55/pack of 12's                                 P275
4. Crepe paper ( I used as a backdrop for the buffet)                   P50 
5. Paper lantern - P25 each (6 pcs)                                             P150
6. Paper plate - P35/dozen  (6 dozen)                                         P200
7. Paper buckets (as party favors container)                                P55
8. Jars - Free ( I had them handy)
9. Wooden letters - I bought at Celebrations Party Central, Rockwell - P1350 (9 pcs) 
                  Total:   P3060

*Cake - FREE. Lol! Once again, a gift from his godfather. Normally, a 12x12 Goldilocks square signature birthday cake costs around P719-P750. 

Check for the rest of their cakes and prices. 
Also check out for all the best places to buy your party needs! 
Check out for all their products and prices

     That's me and choi at the candy buffet I set up for an added party fun.

*Party Favors - I used the paper buckets, attached ribbons for handles and printed out choi's thank you for coming message as the party favor container. I put the excess candies and bought toys at Divisoria too. 

*Program, games and prizes- I bought about 150 pieces pf toys at Divi to be used as an extra party favor and the rest, I used as prize for the winners of the games. The program was facilitated by my friends called "Young Porks", bless them! 

*Mascots - Once again, Spongebob and Minion? Free! (another gift from his Ninong Jay). They didn't have Pocoyo though, Chois' favorite. Normally they charge around 6k - 7k for 2 mascots with 3 sets of performance. Contact me and I'll hook you up mommies! 

Lastly, I gave a little donation to the management of Damas to thank them for accomodating us. 

Total Party Cost: approximately P6000! (P5598 to be exact).

You see, a birthday celebration for your child need not be costly or overboard. You just need to have ingenuity, resourcefulness and an open mind to come up with a memorable and meaningful celebration. Enlisting the help of family and friends will also come in handy at moments like this. ( Look up: freebies. Haha)

The kids of Assosacion de Damas de Filipinas presented us with a song and dance number as a thank you for the event we dedicated to them too. 

I wanted to celebrate my sons' 1st birthday meaningfully but on a budget. Fortunately, that's what I got. The smiles on those chidrens' faces will forever be the best party favor I had taken home from that experience. 

All of us with the kids of Assosacion de Damas de Filipinas. 😄 

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  1. what a nice thing to do! congratulations on the preparations, you've done well. if i were a child, I'd be ecstatic when I see all that. :))

    1. thanks mommy may, i wanted something meaningful for my boy, and im planning to do this every year! :-)

  2. Kudos to you for celebrating the party in orphanage. I also buy stuff in Celebrations Party Central because Divisoria is too far from where I live.

    1. thanks mommy michi, they have a lot of nice stuff kase eh!

  3. This is a nice way to celebrate a party! Sharing your blessings to others is a rewarding experience!

    1. mommy que, call me iyakin but when the kids started singing welcome to the family, i cried! hahahaha

    2. Good day po Ma'am gusto kopo sana mag charity dito sa orphanage nato po last month of July.

    3. Good day po Ma'am gusto kopo sana mag charity dito sa orphanage nato po last month of July.

    4. Good day po Ma'am gusto kopo sana mag charity dito sa orphanage nato po last month of July.

  4. Wow, I think this is the best birthday idea ever. I have read so many birthday party ideas. They are all grand and beautiful. But none of them have ever thought of giving back while having fun at the same time.

    1. thanks mommy mitchryan, i have always wanted to be able to help out in my own little way, i want my boy to inherit that same desire too. it is always better to give than to receive. :-)

  5. I love your kids' party! Giving time by making it DIY is even better :)

    1. thanks mommy samantha! i love everything DIY! :-) i think it adds a little more personal touch.

  6. Awww, what a great way to celebrate a birthday! You are such a great mom! Belated Happy Birthday to your son.

    1. thanks mommy peachy! from another great mom, that is flattering! :-)

  7. Wow, I admire you for thinking of doing this special kind of birthday celebration for your son. Some parents tend to go overboard with the party planning and end up spending thousands of pesos just for one day. This really is a more meaningful way to celebrate.

    1. thanks mommy janice! i had a lot of fun and it was meaningful and the bonus is that i spent so little! :-)

  8. hi, how much will it cost for spongebob mascot alone?