Shipping Progress: AIR21 Launches Online Booking | BOOK.PAY.SHIP

Shipping just got a notch more convenient for online entrepreneurs like Me. 😄

At the recently held, Digital Leadership Boot Camp Face to Face Session at Best Western Antel Suites, yesterday, July 26, 2014 #Air21 - the event's major sponsor, launched another addition to their many services that aim to make delivering shipments all over the country easier. 

3 Easy Steps:

BOOK. PAY. SHIP - the interface can be accessed through to activate shipment pick-up request at the comforts of your home or office. Shippers can sign up easily by filling out  basic information sheet and create address book of consignee. ALL accounts will only be activated through email verification code. Making this a secure online transaction!

7 Major Features:
1. Secured client information
2. Secured online payment system - it has SSL certificate that keeps the integrity of the payment account information. The platform is refund capable as long as the incident is reported immediately.
3. Address book of frequent consignees
4. Auto-fill, print-ready waybill
5. Shipment verification process
6. User friendly platform
7. Widely served areas - direct served areas for pick up are: Baguio, Bataan, Cavite, Cebu, Laguna, NCR, Pampanga and Rizal. 

Talk about a wide reach huh? 😄

Accepted packages:

SuLight (extra small, small box), Bulilit Box (3kg) and Hebigat Box (5kg, 10kg and 20kg). 

This is a breakthrough for me who is focused on customer convenience whenever they purchase at my online shop on INSTAGRAM: @shoppersstoponlineshop. In my line of business, it is imperative for me to make sure that my courier can get their orders, securely and ON TIME. 

Apparently, AIR21 is bringing the world closer together - conveniently too! 😄


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