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July is Nutririon Month and I being the head of the Health and Sanitation Committee in our community is once again tasked to spearhead a celebration or activities that's in line with this important occasion.

The Theme: "Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan!" focuses on the role of the barangay (community) and proper nutrition in disaster preparedness. You see, with our country being prone to natural calamities, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Together with our Barangay Captain Dennis Almario, my fellow councilmen, community nutritionist, nutrition scholar, health workers and the teachers and students of our local elementary school GVES, we have lined up activities that will back up this year's theme.

Supplemental Feeding Program:

Together with Congw. Abigail Binay-Campos, we prioritized and listed down our malnourished and severely malnourished patients at the Community Health Center. We have identified these children through our quarterly re-weighing program to follow up on their progress. 

The feeding program will run for 90 days starting on the first week of August and will end on the last week of October. We will monitor the changes in the weight and height of these children at the end of each month. 

IYCF Seminar:

IYCF or Infant and Young Child Feeding - a global strategy issued by WHO and UNICEF in 2002 to reverse disturbing trends in infants and young child feeding practices. 

The Goal: reduction of child mortality and morbidity through optimal feeding of infants and young children. 

Target Beneficiaries: Infants 0-11 months old and young children 1-3 years old.

Our committee launched an IYCF training seminar for our Barangay Health Workers and volunteer mothers who will be able to do door to door sharing of the benefits of breastfeeding and healthy feeding.  The seminar was held at the Multi-purpose Hall of our Community Center.

We held this event for mothers who are willing to learn about the advantages of healthy feeding especially breastfeeding. A milk always handy even if all the electronic conveniences ran out.

Participation of Teachers and Students:

The Guadalupe Viejo Elementary school faculty and students from Daycare to Grade 6 held a program wherein the children presented different perfomances that focused on this years theme. It was an event worth watching.


Our advocacy is to empower our constituents with the knowledge and capability to surpass calamities through proper nutrition. I hope to be able to leave little footprints in our community. A legacy of public service that focuses on the welfare of mothers and children, dads too!

Knowledge. Awareness. Action. - three factors that will help push this country forward. The priveledge to be part of this is something I will forever be grateful for. When I'm old and out of public service - I know that there is something good I have left behind and that for me is always enough. 😄

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