Guadalupe Viejo Bikers: More Than Just A Hobby

Decisions, decisions

I have had this long standing love-hate relationship with my weight. Before getting pregnant, I was on my way to reaching my ideal weight which was around 90-110 lbs. max. When I realized I was already 2 months on the way, I stopped all means of weightloss efforts because I was scared it might affect my pregnancy. 

Fast forward to a year and 3 months, I am still struggling with so much of the baby weight I gained. But then again, I was more interested in a healthy lifestyle now, I figured, the weightloss will follow. So I did dozens of research about the best workouts I can take on since I feel like my bones are like peanut brittle, ready to snap in one bite. I scratched hip hop abs, boxing (which I tried unsuccessfully for a month) and running from my choices. Until I heard of the Guadalupe Viejo Bikers. Hmm, biking huh? 

Without hesitation, I decided to join the group but in reality, I have only been on one of their rides which was during the BIKE FOR MOTHER EARTH 2014 event. It was held at the Makati City Hall and it entailed biking around the city for more than 5 hours. Whew! Needless to say, I was swamped! I was plastered all over the bed like spiderman coming home after fighting hooligans all night.

             My attempt to look like a professional biker 😄 at the 
                   "Bike For Mother Earth 2014" event.


Okay, enough about that. I am actually thinking about seriously taking on biking as a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Not to mention, biking is good for the heart, the lungs and your legs. It is another form of a great workout.

 I think I need to get PIPER (my mala-Koreanovela bike) out of the garage and out on the streets again. To convince myself that this is the trail I needed to follow, I talked to Mr. Jay Enriquez, President of the group and I asked him a few question to know more about them and perhaps, to entice myself, even you guys, to join in on their many, many rides. 

Q. When was GV bikers established?

A.  The  group was established on January 20, 2014, exactly two weeks before our barangay fiesta.

Q. Originally, how many members did you have? How many weeks or months did it take before the group’s number increased?

A. We started with only 3 members and in five months we already have 64 names registered in our list.

Q. Is it right to say that GV bikers is an NGO for bike enthusiasts?

A. Yes. We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) driven by our interest in biking. We plan to support our barangay in their health and wellness advocacy.

Q. Is there an age limit for members who want to join?

A. Our group welcomes bikers of all ages. For 18 below, we make sure we get consent from their parents.

Q. Do you ride regularly? What are your usual destinations?

A. Yes, about 2-3 times a week. Every first Sunday of the month we go to Antipolo Chuch. Other usual destinations are MOA and The Fort (Heroes and Army trails).

Q. Are there rules bikers have to follow when riding?

A.  Number one (1) rule is discipline. A biker must know the basic safety riding rules for himself, co-bikers, other vehicles and pedestrian. Wearing safety gears and checking the bike before leaving is important. When going to unfamiliar destinations, we do research and briefing before we hit our pedals to ensure the safety of everyone.

Q. What is the purpose of the group?

A. Initially, the group was formed due to our common interests. But as we go along, we realized that the real purpose of this group is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle through biking. We also want to promote saving the environment by using our bikes as means of transportation.

Q. Do you see group grow in numbers in the future?

A.  We aspire to unite our barangay through this group and we hope to encourage more people to join us.


 The Barangay Guadalupe Viejo Bikers at the Bike for Mother Earth 2014 - the group won the BIGGEST DELEGATION award for having the most number of bikers to join the event

The Take-away

After talking to Jay, I paused and realized that being a part of the group is more than just having people to bike with, it is a priveledge. I have stood witness to the solid friendship they were able to establish at such a short period of time. I guess this comes from putting together people who have the same passion in one group. 

Personally, I would encourage you to join this group, not only do they show care and genuine concern for all their members but they are also real people who have real goals - to promote healthy lifestyle. At this day and age where the lifespan of people is growing more and more short - having a lot of people around you to help you add years to your life is definitely a plus. Furthermore, it won't hurt to have more friends, say 64+ additional friends. 😄

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