Flashback: Confessions of a frustrated traveller.

So i wrote about writing and reading being both a means for me to travel...which takes me back to 2010 where I wrote about travelling on my facebook notes...since it's flashback friday... i am reposting this 😄😄😄

Destination: Vacation (",)

March 5, 2010 at 11:37am

I have always been a frustrated traveler. In my mind, I have traveled the world - 20,000x over. I figured, if dreams are for free - i might as well take my fair share. Heck! I would stockpile if I can! 

This year, I made a bet with myself. (yeah, we're in good terms now. =P) I dared myself to do the things I've always wanted to do but was either too chicken, too lazy or budget-less to do. First on my list - travel on my own. Discover the beauty and culture of the places I only drooled over in pictures. 

Not that I'm anti-social, I know there's much joy in traveling with friends or loved ones. But for the longest time, I feel like I have lost the ability to appreciate what I really want. I have lost the time and the chance to listen to myself. I need to see what will spill from my routine if I give it a shake. I think it would be fun to get lost on foreign land! 

Who hasn't dreamed about seeing the Inca tribes in Peru, to surf the beaches in Florida or to try a sunny dish in Mexico? Don't you think it would be romantic and exhilarating to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, dance under the stars while riding the gondola in Venice, (hopefully, I won't fall over and drown. hehe), experience the Huangpu River cruise in Shanghai or dance to the music of Spanish guitars in Salamanca, Spain? (wouldn't be so bad to meet Spanish cuties too!) 

I think it would be liberating to conquer a fear and set foot on the Grand Canyon, observe the wild life in Africa or just be spiritually captured by the Vatican City in Rome. Won't be so bad to party like a college kid on spring break in Brazil or simply be under an Empire State of mind in NYC! 

They say, the more you visualize your dreams, the easier it is to get the courage to pursue them. I may not be financially ready to conquer Europe (yeah, conquer is the term. =P) but Asia is a good start. I think it would be thrilling to see Mickey in HK Disney, walk around Sentosa in Singapore or simply see the picturesque Senado Square in Macau! 

This year will be a combo of stay-cation and vacation for me. I will go wherever my feet takes me. I realized, plans have a way of going awry, you either wait for the opportunity to come along or you get off your tushy and make it happen. I don't wanna be sitting here writing about it. I don't wanna be confined within the four walls of the box which is my imagination - I wanna LIVE IT and get a lot out of it! 

I will not make plans but I will be prepared - to be swept away by the flavors of summer, to be stolen by the beauty of the wonders of the world, to forget time and leave my life behind for a few moments each month, to meet new people and open new chapters in my life. Ultimately - to have NUMEROUS DASHES OF FUN. 

This year, armed with lots of hope, anticipation, courage, open mind not to mention, lots of sunscreen, travel guide, belt bag, band aids and comfy walking shoes - I WILL LIVE MY DREAM. EXPERIENCE MY FANTASY and maybe, just maybe, I'd know that there is more than one way to spread my wings. (",)

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Awwww....I pray that you get to fulfill your traveling dreams very, very soon. (take me with you, will you? hahah)

    1. im praying hard too mommy may! :-) sure, let's travel ! :-)

  2. We all deserve a "ME" time mommy! Yours will be spent in traveling! Best of Luck in your goal this year.

  3. I dream of being able to travel the world too. But so far, I've only been to two other countries aside from ours. Hehehe! One day, we'll be able to do it, right?

  4. My dream travel experience is to visit each province in the Philippines and sample their food specialty. It still remains in the dream world but I'm not giving up on it yet, just like you.

  5. I always say that I want to visit the 7100 islands of the Philippines first before going out of the country. I was able to visit most naman. But now that I have a baby, I wanna go back to each and travel international for vacay with the baby na. Sana you could fulfill your dream to travel with your baby to make it twice as fun!

  6. I also love to travel, but I find myself lured to domestic destinations. Guess that's a good thing coz it's generally cheaper to travel around the country than abroad. I do hope to see the world someday too, though!

  7. I am sure you will be able to travel. There is time for everything.

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