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I was a 8 months on the way when I decided to choose the best skin care regimen for my now 1 year old baby boy. Being silly that I am, I said I didn't want a baby who smelled like sinigang. LOL!

I have a friend Mads, who came for a visit one time with her first born son, Marco. Needless to say, I immediately grabbed my godson and hugged him like it's the first time I saw him , I noticed he smelled too wonderful to be true. I asked my kumare if she had a perfume customized for the little guy and voila! The name Mustela rolled out her tongue like it was a sweet message from the heaven's above. 

After they left, I grabbed hold of my laptop and started researching about the Mustela Philippines products. After thorough research and decision making process - I have chosen to use Mustela products as Choi-choi's skin regimen when he gets born. 

It's been a year, and I'm still hook, line and sinker loyal to the Mustela products I've chosen for choi. I even use it myself! 

                                                  (photo credits to owner)

So here are my recommended specific Mustela products that you Mommies out there will surely love too! 

1. My TOP choice: Eau pour la toilette/ Skin Freshener: it's like baby cologne only so much better. I even use it myself! Non sticky and would leave your precious one smelling like fresh -insert an adjective here - I can't even find the words! I use this after bathing him using my next favorite

2. Lait de toilette/ Cleansing milk: it is actually for the face and diaper area but since it's so gentle and smells so g-damn wonderful, I use it to clean his whole body especially after going outside. It literally removes all dirt and sticky sweat from Choi's came extra handy during the summer season too!

3. Next on my list: Lait corps/ Body lotion: perfect for dry or sensitive baby skin. It has cold cream which soothes dry skin. My baby boy had dry skin problems and has recovered since...all because of this bad boy. lol. 

4. Baume reconfortant/ soothing comfort balm: now, this helps the little guy sleep better at night, i read on the description that it's supposed to help prevent allergic reactions too. 

                                                    (photo credits to owner)

I have yet to try their other products but from what I hear from my other mommy friends who were also influenced to try these, they are absolutely amazing for babies too!

These babies can be found at the baby section at The Landmark, Makati and an independent kiosk at Shangri La Mall, Mandaluyong.

You can also visit their website: for more info on their products. They also answer inquiries thru their Facebook page:

Try it mommies and let me know how it goes! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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