it's the silence that's scary...

It's when you two are together and yet no words are spoken. There's this tense and uncomfortable silence that suddenly comes between the two of you.

It's when you get used to being alone with your thoughts all the time, that you decide to stop caring.

It's when your thoughts stop being in sync that you start to question why you're still there. It's when you start having no words to say because you don't know what to say anymore.

It's the silence. That eerie, uncomfortable and tense silence that's scary.


By some surprising twist of fate, I am now a mom...a single one at that! I'd like to think that God has granted my most fervent wish - to become a superhero! At least in the eyes of my one year old boy - Alejandro. I'm a public servant experiencing fulfillment from doing the best I can to change the world in my own little way. A newbie blogger mom/digital mom and so far, I'm having difficulty switching from being the single, career woman I'm used to in the past and the new role I'm dealt with today. I'm an online entrepreneur too - I don't know where I'm going but then again, I already know where I'm from. And I don't ever wanna go back, Join me, in my missteps and misadventures and tell me what you think about my take on LIFE, LOVE and EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN. Welcome to Mama Whale's world!

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