a letter to "you"...

hey you,

my life has never been the same when you "happened". it took a turn for the best, i didn't realize that it's possible to be truly happy and content - well, not until you came along. i know you said that everything that happens in someone's life is a part of a grand scheme, a result of a chain of events but i just cant help but feel that this, what we have, isn't a part of a plan - it feels like it's always been there - as natural as the sunshine, day and night.

things aren't always perfect...we go through troubles same as other couples do. but i can't believe how you have influenced my beliefs and now I believe that whatever trouble we go through - we will get past them for you are with me.

like what i always say - what we have is something other people would never understand...what we have is something they have spent their lifetimes trying to find but still can't have. and i know that for the years to come - you would still be right there with me for we are made for each other...perfect other half of each other.

i may have been unable to express what i really feel for you sometimes, that it makes you feel like i care less, I'm sorry. i didn't mean to make you think or feel that way...it's just that i am scared sometimes, scared that this is a dream but then again you changed my mind...

you are my world. the only planet in my system. the light that shines through my darkest moments. when you are around - i can't help but feel that i am on the right path and that nothing will ever go wrong in my life again.

this goes to show that i am always gonna be here for you. and that no matter what - your heart will always be safe in my hands.

iloveyou - sobra.


Rolled Into One Mom

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