today, i realized...i need to listen more to myself, i need to take time to find out what will make me happy and that i need to face the void. for 24 years, or less, I've been such a thinker...(if ever the word existed)...i have a habit of blowing things out of proportion, of over- analyzing that I sometimes end up getting tired of my own thoughts.

tonight, as I'm typing out the mind is struggling to come up with the right terms cause my mind is totally blank, it's choosing to tune out all the negative emotions that's trying to come into it.

sometimes, it takes us longer to realize that we need to listen more to ourselves than to listen to the people around us, the people who tells us what to do, who took it upon themselves the responsibility of controlling our lives for us...

i realized no one else will ever know what's good or bad for us than ourselves.
and so, my journey begins...

Rolled Into One Mom

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