Monday, June 26, 2006

Someone's Watching Over Me (Raise Your Voice)

i found myself today
i found myself and ran away
something pulled me back
voice of reason i forgot i had
all i know is you're not here to say
but you always used to say
that it's written in the sky tonight

so i wont give up
no i wont break down
sooner than it seems
life turns around
and i will be strong
even if it all goes wrong
when im standing in the dark
ill still believe
someone's watching over me

it's in the ray of night
and it's shining on my destiny
shining all the time and
i wont be afraid
to follow everywhere it's taking me
all i know is yesterday is gone
and right now i belong
to this moment
to my dreams

it doesnt matter what people say
it doesnt matter how long it takes
believe in yourself and you're fine
it only matters how true you are
be true to yourself and
follow your heart

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By some surprising twist of fate, I am now a mom...a single one at that! I'd like to think that God has granted my most fervent wish - to become a superhero! At least in the eyes of my one year old boy - Alejandro. I'm a public servant experiencing fulfillment from doing the best I can to change the world in my own little way. A newbie blogger mom/digital mom and so far, I'm having difficulty switching from being the single, career woman I'm used to in the past and the new role I'm dealt with today. I'm an online entrepreneur too - I don't know where I'm going but then again, I already know where I'm from. And I don't ever wanna go back, Join me, in my missteps and misadventures and tell me what you think about my take on LIFE, LOVE and EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN. Welcome to Mama Whale's world!

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