I read somewhere that, the definition of a MIRACLE - is something that fills the soul with peace. Sometimes, it manifests itself in the form of a cure, or a wish granted. It doesn't matter. The end result is that when a miracle occurs, we feel a profound reverence for the grace God has granted us.

For the longest time, I've always had this feeling that happiness, which to me is a miracle is so elusive...I've since stopped hoping for better things to happen in my life. The dreams I've so long ago dreamed didn't happen, I've had my heart broken and I've had my plans dashed with one disappointment after another...I've stopped believing.

And yet, I still manage to smile despite the pain and disappointments. I have learned to cope and to just let things happen. I said to myself, miracles only happen in movies or to the people who live in the Vatican but nope, never for me!

But then again, God proved me wrong... a miracle came to me, May 08, 2006, to be exact. A miracle, in human form was sent to me. At first, I was skeptical, I found it hard to believe that such a miracle could happen to me. I was swept off my feet. I found my perfect other half to make me complete. Literally, I found my direction. I guess God's hand was big enough to send someone with small ones to make me find my way.

Now, I've learned that prayers can move mountains. I've learned that no matter how deep the hole you're in, you will be able to get out. I've learned that no matter how impossible things get - there is always a silver lining. There are other paths. I've learned that LOVE itself is a manifestation of a miracle and that the mere fact that I am able to write this is a miracle.


By some surprising twist of fate, I am now a mom...a single one at that! I'd like to think that God has granted my most fervent wish - to become a superhero! At least in the eyes of my one year old boy - Alejandro. I'm a public servant experiencing fulfillment from doing the best I can to change the world in my own little way. A newbie blogger mom/digital mom and so far, I'm having difficulty switching from being the single, career woman I'm used to in the past and the new role I'm dealt with today. I'm an online entrepreneur too - I don't know where I'm going but then again, I already know where I'm from. And I don't ever wanna go back, Join me, in my missteps and misadventures and tell me what you think about my take on LIFE, LOVE and EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN. Welcome to Mama Whale's world!

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